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CSSPD Manager - OR Business Manager

Welcome to CSSPD Manager, a website dedicated to educate healthcare employees both present and future on the management of Central Sterilization and Operating Room Materials Management.

After 25 years serving patient care providers I feel the need to share experiences and ideas that have positive impact on patient care. This web site is not high tech, just simple easy to navigate web pages utilizing power point presentations and pictures to get the message out.

Quality Assurance - Our First Defense - be 100%

There is lack of evidence based studies to support most if not all that we do in healthcare sterile processing.

This has hindered our ability to require standards, certification, and be seen as the single most important infection control service in a hospital.

As sterile processing professionals we must take every step possible to insure that what we do does not add to the number of hospital acquired infections reported annually, over two-million.

Moreover, we need to insure that we are not currently adding to it.  Our industry is filled with more “short cuts”, “my way of doing things”, and “we do it different here” then our profession should allow.

Focus in the sterile processing industry needs to be directed at preventative maintenance and verification testing so that when surgical instruments are opened on a sterile-field there is no guessing game as to there functionality or safety.

We need to share our thoughts, experiences, and successes. This website is for just that reason. Please use the information and share with others.


Surgeons have to be 100%, are We?

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In 2010, hundreds of surgeries at the hospital had to be cancelled because of reoccurring problems with dirty surgical instruments.

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